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It's a WATER world

The WATER Signs are the most sensitive, emotional and romantic of the zodiac. They are dreamers who need a sympathetic ear, compassion and tender-loving care. A Water Sign loves to be in love, and enjoys getting lost in the experience of love. A Water Sign seeks a spiritual connection with their lover, akin to a transcendental journey. However, lofty notions of love can color a Water Sign's judgment. The mythic fairy tale romance can sometimes leave them disappointed by the reality of relationships. The Water Signs are comprised of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

When romancing a Water Sign, it's important to do the little things that show you care. Surprise your Water Sign with small romantic gestures and it'll go a long way. Ignore their emotional needs and your Water Sign's love may fade away. But if you're sensitive to your Water Sign's changing moods and emotions, your relationship should proceed swimmingly.

Exploring the WATER Signs

CANCER is the homebody of the Water Signs. Many Cancers have a strong connection with their parents. They are also the moodiest of the Water Signs because Cancer's emotions are constantly going through different phases, like the moon, which is their ruling planet. Therefore, it can be difficult to predict your Cancer's moods. As trust is tantamount to Cancers, you must earn a crab's trust before they will expose their soft core. Comfort and security is also important in a partner to Cancers. They are perfectly content staying home with good food and someone they love, as a Cancer's home serves as their safe haven. Like a crab, they can appear tough on the outside, but are quite vulnerable beneath their shell. Thus, penetrating the shell requires patience and sensitivity. Cancers have a need to nurture the ones they love and need some nurturing in return. So, make your Cancer feel loved, secure and protected, and they'll never leave home. Motto: Home is where the heart is.

SCORPIO is the most intense of the Water Signs. They may seem calm and placid on the surface, but you can be assured that there are strong emotions simmering just below the waterline, and they are often driven by these underlying emotions. Typically, Scorpios are very serious individuals who take their relationships just as serious, expecting complete, unequivocal loyalty. If you want to get anywhere with a Scorpio, do not cross them. If you do, it may take a lifetime for your Scorpio to forgive you, as they will never forget it. Scorpios have a tendency to be possessive, territorial and jealous. And because they do not usually reveal all that they are thinking, they can appear mysterious. Never one to naturally tip their hand, it takes extra effort to get into the head of your Scorpio. It takes time to develop a relationship with a Scorpio, but once you do, they can be one of the most intensely passionate lovers you will ever know because they aren't afraid to express their intense passion. Demonstrate to your Scorpio that he or she is your number one priority, and your Scorpio will be forever yours -- with a passion! Motto: Still waters run deep.

PISCES is the most compassionate of the Water Signs. They are also the most intuitive and self-sacrificing of the zodiac as they are often willing to forego their own interests for their partner's interests. More than any other sign, Pisces are keenly in tune with other people's emotions, which can be both good and bad. They pick up on the vibrations of the others around them like emotional sponges, and therefore, they can be highly influenced by others. Therefore, Pisces do not handle the negative emotions well. To compound things, they can be highly impressionable, so if you're feeling upset, your Pisces will too. Perhaps, this is why the Pisces are the real dreamers of the zodiac, preferring fantasy to the real world and getting lost in fantasies. So, put on a happy face, surround your Pisces with positive people, shielding them from the harsh realities of the world, and you'll keep your Pisces happy as a clam -- or fish. Motto: I dream, therefore I am.