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Five or so years ago, a man visited my junior high school and proposed that we all make a list of 100 goals for our lives. I don't still have that list, but I shall try to recreate it here as accurately as possible, with marks as to which have been fulfilled.

Updated 01/29/05: I put the goals left to be fulfilled toward the top, and I put the ones already done at the end.

  1. Visit all 50 states (current count: Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming)
  2. Have my picture taken on top of the Eiffel Tower
  3. Go skydiving
  4. Read The Hobbit
  5. See all 100 movies of the AFI top 100 list
  6. Go snorkeling in Hawaii
  7. Spend a winter in Vermont
  8. Fall in love and get married
  9. Have a kid or many (at most two) kids
  10. Play craps in Las Vegas
  11. Spend a summer in Tahoe
  12. Photograph the Grand Canyon in black and white
  13. Learn how to sail a boat
  14. Learn Chinese
  15. Learn how to make laniards
  16. Learn how to use a sewing machine* and make a costume
  17. Go to England
  18. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  19. See the Great Barrier Reef
  20. Take a tour of the Hershey Factory
  21. Be in a movie (as an extra or otherwise)
  22. Read Melissa's list of books (which include: The Power of One, A Prayer for Owen Meany, Slaughterhouse-Five* , In the Time of the Butterflies, and The English Patient
  23. Be good at playing go
  24. Ride in a hot air balloon
  25. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  26. Meet the President (of the U.S.)
  27. Graduate from college
  28. Get my Masters
  29. Get my PhD
  30. Have a date for Valentine's Day
  31. Go on Jeopardy
  32. Go to the Oregon Zoo
  33. Get my JD
  34. Try accupuncture
  35. Write a novel
  36. Publish a paper
  37. Do my own taxes
  38. Serve at least one term on the Board of Trustees for a school district
  39. Visit the site where the twin towers used to be
  40. Visit my French penpal Anne-Claire
  41. Go to Europe with Lissa
  42. Collect all 50 state quarters
  43. Climb a tall mountain so I can lie there and look at the stars
  44. Plant a garden
  45. Climb a tree
  46. Go surfing
  47. Go rock climbing
  48. Go bungee jumping
  49. Learn how to fuse glass
  50. Learn how to make cheese
  51. Make a souffle
  52. Cure cancer
  53. Learn how to Taiko drum (more than just the workshop)
  54. Buy a laptop
  55. Sell something on Ebay
  56. Fly
  57. Discover God

List of fulfilled goals:
  1. Learn Italian (*/2)
  2. Learn how to fish (and catch a fish) *
  3. Learn how to knit *
  4. Learn how to ride a horse *
  5. Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone *
  6. Learn to play the violin (a little bit) *
  7. Learn to play the piano (take piano lessons) *
  8. Compose a song *
  9. Learn how to ski *
  10. Bake an apple pie from scratch *
  11. Learn Latin* (Taking a class from Nigel now)
  12. Learn to ballroom dance *
  13. Learn how to pull up a pot on the potter's wheel *
  14. See Niagra Falls *
  15. Learn how to make paper *
  16. Learn how to do laundry *
  17. See it snow *
  18. Meet Josh Groban **
  19. Do absolutely nothing for a day *
  20. Learn how to use a lighter *
  21. Become Nuclear Reactor Certified *
  22. Work at Disneyland (for at least a short period of time) *
  23. Join a choir *
  24. Learn how to play go *
  25. Make lasagna from scratch **
  26. Make a sock monkey *
  27. Go on a road trip *
  28. Go to the Opera *
  29. Go to the Symphony *
  30. Read the newspaper on a regular basis (New York Times online)*
  31. Vote * Yay!!! 2004
  32. Pass Humanities 110 *
  33. Make a candle *
  34. Become a dorm host *
  35. Paint with oil on canvas (RAW 2004) *
  36. Roll my own sushi **
  37. Build my own sandcastle (a good quality one) *
  38. Learn how to juggle *
  39. Learn how to juggle clubs *
  40. Have a poem published in an anthology ***
  41. Make soap **
  42. Visit Allison at UDub *
  43. Go paintballing * Gray Fund!
  44. Go lasertagging ***
  45. Go to the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland * Going today! 10/19/04
  46. Paint a mural in Steele *
  47. Be in two places at once (yes, flashback to A Walk to Remember)

All right, all right... instead of putting things I already know how to do on my goals list just so I can star them, I'm going to make a separate list of things I can already do (or things I learn to do, but that I didn't put on my goals list to begin with). I'm obessed with becoming a Renaissance person. Some of these may seem trivial, but in one person, one skill, yes trivial; but in one person, all of these skills, no, not trivial.

  1. Play pool
  2. Play chess
  3. Swim
  4. Learn HTML and Dreamweaver
  5. Learn Adobe Photoshop and Bryce
  6. Make custard pie from scratch
  7. Make mochi from scratch
  8. Cook dumplings from scratch
  9. See Rocky Horror Picture show at the theatre
  10. Become Reed Van certified
  11. Pull the handle of a slot machine (yes, I did this before I was of age!)
  12. Try liver, pig blood, chicken feet, shark's fin...
  13. Baked a double-layer cake
  14. Teach summer camp
  15. Be Mayor of Anaheim for a day
  16. Be the Student Rep on the Board of Trustees
  17. Win a spelling bee, an oral interpretation contest, a writing contest, a music composition contest, a coloring contest (many!), a poetry contest, an art contest
  18. Learn how to fold a paper crane
  19. Memorize the preamble (still have it memorized)
  20. Take ballet and tap
  21. Act in a play
  22. Have a boyfriend
  23. Wear a watch all the time
  24. Learn how to light a match
  25. Learn calligraphy
  26. Learn how to make paper
  27. Learn how to speak French (6 years!)
  28. Learn photography (developing and printing)
  29. Learn the airbrush and the potter's wheel
  30. Learn to waltz, tango, foxtrot, and swing
  31. Be on TV
  32. Have my picture in the newspaper on the front page
  34. Ride in a taxi, a train, a plane, an omnibus, a tram, a car, a bus, a light rail, the subway, the BART, a trolley...
  35. Have given a speech at graduation
  36. Learn to play flute and piccolo
  37. Be music librarian and section leader
  38. Be in Girl Scouts
  39. Get my Gold Award
  40. Be in Mock Trial and be team captain
  41. Have a French Penpal
  42. Get my driver's license
  43. Go to prom
  44. Go to Homecoming
  45. Go to church
  46. Go to the Lotus festival, the Date Festival, the Korean Festival, the Japanese Festival...
  47. Be in the marching band
  48. Collect all the Aladdin stickers
  49. Go snowshoeing
  50. Learn to contradance
  51. Learn lindy hop
  52. Teach an elementary school class
  53. Learn how to make a friendship bracelet
  54. See the Columbia River Gorge
  55. See the Portland Rose Gardens
  56. Visit SLAC
  57. Have an ice cream sundae in Ghiradelli Square
  58. Climb up to Coit Tower
  59. See Miss Saigon
  60. Road trip from home to Reed
  61. Meet David Copperfield
  62. Go to Catholic mass
  63. Play in an orchestra
  64. Do a summer research program
  65. Visit Fermilab
  66. Be at Disneyland, backstage! - go on the special Fantasmic tour :)
  67. Get my ears pierced
  68. Learn how to use LaTeX
  69. Learn how to use Mathmatica
  70. Learn how to program in Java
  71. Teach a Paideia class
  72. Waltz in Eliot circle
  73. See Lifehouse perform
  74. See Five for Fighting perform
  75. Learn how to play Set! and be good at it

I'm so appreciative of the life I've lived so far, and I expect to experience even more things in the future.
Updated: September 29, 2004.

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