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Where smoke, there's FIRE!

The Fire Signs can sizzle with passion and are comprised of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. They also tend to be impulsive, driven, and love the thrill of the chase.

When romancing a Fire Sign, it's of utmost importance to know how to maintain their interest. The Fire Signs love a challenge, especially in the romance department. Yet, they can easily be distracted by a new challenge. And they become bored far more easily than most other signs of the zodiac. You need to keep them interested and guessing. In other words, predictability is not a positive aspect of a relationship for someone of this fiery symbol.

Not surprisingly, Fire Signs enjoy new experiences and can't resist a playful sparring session, because, to a Fire Sign, it's the best kind of foreplay. Fire Signs can be total fun. And they make exciting partners. A person who is a Fire Sign is usually a great conversationalist and they're always on a quest of some sort, so boredom won't be a problem. And if you need a party date, call a Fire Sign, as they're usually the life of the party. Charismatic and charming, they own (and demand) the center of attention. So, if you're looking for romantic sparks, a Fire Sign is one hot ticket.

Exploring the FIRE Signs

LEOS are the most romantic of the Fire Signs. A Leo's desire for romance is only equal to his or her need for drama. They can be easily swept off their feet by big displays of affection. Leos are steadfast believers in the concept of true love. But they have sensitive egos and require a lot of affection and attention in a relationship. Motto: Love will conquer all.

SAGITTARIUS can be the most fun sign of the Fire Signs. They're always up for an adventure. A relationship with a Sagittarius rarely gets stale, but they are most difficult to pin down because they do not like to settle down. When you're in a relationship with a Sagittarius, the thrill of the chase is of utmost importance, so keep them guessing and they'll keep interested. Motto: The grass is always greener.

ARIES is the most independent of the Fire Signs. Thus, Aries like to appear detached. But they do welcome a challenge and will chase someone they're interested in. Aries often view love as a game and flirtations are all part of it. If humor is important in a mate, an Aries can keep you laughing. However, you'll have to be the flexible one in a relationship because this sign will not easily compromise his or her lifestyle for anyone. Motto: Love is fun, but not required.