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EARTH to Houston ?    

Like a rocket scientist, the Earth Signs are logical, pragmatic and dependable. They are the most bottom-line oriented of the entire zodiac. Being the highly rational type, individuals born under an Earth Sign cannot relate to irrational outbursts or be bothered by frivolity. However, they do value and seek security and stability. The Earth Signs are comprised of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

When romancing an Earth Sign, dependability is vital - punctuality scores extra.You can always count on an Earth Sign to do what they say. But they will expect the same from you in return. So be prepared to do it. And should you fail this Earth Sign, you'll be hard pressed to gain back his or her confidence or trust. Earth Signs have little patience for silliness, detest drama (especially in relationships) and like to see results in whatever they've invested their time. So don't waste your time - or your Earth Sign's - by crying over spilled milk. If you're looking for sympathy, you won't get it. And remember, this common sense individual does not get in a relationship simply for a good time. In fact, they see all their relationships as serving some practical purpose in life.

Exploring the EARTH Signs

TAURUS is the most loyal of the Earth Signs and they are also one of the most reliable people you can become involved with. However, if a Taurus feels there is an issue of trust, this bull will bolt! Taurus is also the most romantic and affectionate of the Earth Signs. And because they crave security and stability, you can usually get to a Taurus' heart via the stomach. To keep your Taurus happy, the key elements are food, comfort and plenty of hugs. One caution: never push a Taurus. The bull sign is very stubborn, and as the most hardheaded Earth Sign, the more you push - the more a bull will resist. Motto: Feed me and I'm yours.

VIRGO is the most logical of the Earth Signs. They are analytical, rational and everybody's biggest critic. So don't be surprised to get constant critiques from your Virgo. A Virgo will pick anything apart to examine its pieces in order to solve a problem. Virgos love to argue but they don't see it as a confrontation or attack. To a Virgo an argument is simply an exchange of ideas. But don't try to persuade a Virgo without grounding yourself in solid reasoning. Likewise, instances of highly charged emotions or irrationality will cause your Virgo to lose their patience quickly. Virgos require a lot of mental stimulation. And the most exciting aphrodisiac to a Virgo is engaging in an intellectual conversation, especially if they're learning something new. Motto: Stimulate the mind and the body will follow.

CAPRICORN is the most practical of the Earth Signs. They are also one of the most hardworking and ambitious signs of the entire zodiac. Even as a newlywed, don't be surprised if your Capricorn seems preoccupied with their career. They are not known to be the romantic type nor into emotions. But, they are excellent providers, protective in nature, and reliable. Capricorns value loyalty and are quick to defend those they love. Achievement-oriented as they are, Capricorns put an importance on status and material success. So the more you can aid and support a Capricorn's interests and ambitions, the faster you'll win this sign's heart. Motto: You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.