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Coming up for AIR

The AIR SIGNS are the most social creatures of the zodiac, and their social lives are an important part of their identity. Craving constant variety, they are typically not disciplined individuals. And while Air Signs are not afraid to commit, they may not be cut out for it, as they can be superficial in their emotional development. Air Signs are fun and lively companions, although they may not be the best life companions. When it comes to Air Signs, think energy. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius comprise this vivacious element.

When romancing an Air Sign, don't let things get too habitual or your Air Sign may move onto someone new, simply for change. Since Air Signs tend to be fickle, keep yours busy guessing - and therefore happiest - with little surprises and a good shakeup every now and then. The Air Signs embrace spontaneity, need activity, and demand action. So if you're up for an exciting challenge, an Air Sign won't let you down.

Exploring the AIR Signs

GEMINI is the most adaptable of the Air Signs. They are friendly, flexible, charming and talkative. A Gemini can fit in with most any crowd. Quick minds and quick to speak, a Gemini can jump into any conversation with ease and just as easily hop from one topic to another. The sign of the Twins has the ability to see opposing viewpoints, and therefore, are often willing to compromise in an argument. However, a Gemini can instantly change his or her mind at the drop of a hat and often does. This may make them appear fickle or two-faced. But it just may drive you crazy trying to keep up with their changing opinions. Keep in mind that your Gemini is a natural born talker and can put a spin on any story that benefits them. They can also be easily distracted and need more variety than all the other Air Signs. But they make fun and stimulating partners, ideal travel companions and stimulating conversationalists. Spontaneous and up for any change in plans, a Gemini loves to meet new people and see new places. After all, the Twins are born to have dual identities. Motto: Variety is the spice of life.

LIBRA is the most charming and likely to be partnered up of the Air Signs. The sign of the Scales seeks out harmony and balance, and shrinks from conflict and discord. So don't create drama or put things in disarray if you want to keep your Libra happy. In relationships, Libras would rather compromise than fight in order to keep the peace. For a Libra, companionship is a must. The Scales need another person in their life to feel balanced. If you need a dinner date that won't upstage or, worse, embarrass you, call a Libra. The Libras are adept at the social graces, and making others feel at ease. They know how to behave properly given any situation. Their pleasant demeanor charms them into favor, which makes them even more charming. But, take note, their charm and magnetism can lead to indiscreet situations since people are constantly drawn to them along with frequent temptations. Aesthetics play an important role for the Libras and they seek out visual harmony and balance. You may find more Libras than any other sign who are artistically inclined. Motto: Can't we all just get along?

AQUARIUS is the most unconventional of the Air Signs. They are one of the most unique and independent of the zodiac. Don't tell your Aquarius what to do or how to do it. Aquarians have their own way of doing things and no one can tell them otherwise. Commonly described as obstinate and unorthodox, the Aquarian delights in being different and going against the grain. They can stir up trouble just for the sake of it. Conspiracy theories. Personal philosophies. Aquarians love their own groove aka routine, which may not make sense to anyone else, but they have to follow it. So leave your Aquarian plenty of space to do his or her own thing. No nagging. If you're understanding and accepting of their idiosyncrasies, as well as supportive of their causes and beliefs, you'll keep your Aquarian happy. Aquarians are extremely social beings with lots of contacts. They can be spontaneous, stimulating and very interesting partners. Motto: Don't tread on me.